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Bullion Not Bits

Provident Metals logo

The Silver Shield BitCon was sent to me by my buddy of mine, hybridsole, but it wasn’t the only item he sent me, oh no. He included a few goodies as well and the first one is a “Bullion Not Bits“-coin, which is another anti-bitcoin bullion, just like the Silver Shield Bitcon. This coin is made by Provident Metals.

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Silver Shield BitCon

Today I received a fascinating coin, made by SD Bullion. It has a pretty long name, “Silver Shield BitCon 1 oz Silver Bullion Round” and it was used by some silver bugs to criticize Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Lapel Pins

Another score from the European Bitcoin Convention were a lot of Bitcoin Lapel Pins. I used to have a lot of these, but I’ve been giving away a lot of them lately (mostly to people that buy items from me, in the rare case that I sell something).

I got these at the European Bitcoin Convention in 2013 (organized by Moe Levin) , which were given away for free by HardBTC (sadly their stock is quite disappointing right now). They also supplied me with a lot of Aluminium coins made by Casascius.

Pictures will be added soonTM!