MicroSoul – Lucky coin

My latest purchase is a funny little coin from MicroSoul, which is a company owned by gravitate.

This coin is a Lucky coin and in every round someone will win 1 Bitcoin! Thing is, you don’t know if you hit it until you peel off the hologram and import the private key, which will destroy the coin as a whole. Decision, decisions….

UPDATE (12-03-2016): My coin is, sadly, not a winner. Coin number #4.4 (owned by Operatr) has won as stated in this post.

For more information about this, see the official Lucky coin thread on Bitcointalk.

General specifications:
– Minted in 2013
– Gold plated bronze
– 500 total made
– Manufactured in France

The front contains the following text:
– 2013
– 0.01 Bitcoin

The back contains the following text:
– 2016
– #4.8 Lucky
– Microsoul twice
Note: The #4.8 lucky means that I got the 8th coin of the 4th Lucky coin round.

Website description:
These are the original holographic stick coins from MicroSoul. They have the microscopic spelling mistake on all 500 coins minted. They were a huge success and now only the last few in stock. Already collectors items.” — MicroSoul

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