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The Silver Shield BitCon was sent to me by my buddy of mine, hybridsole, but it wasn’t the only item he sent me, oh no. He included a few goodies as well and the first one is a “Bullion Not Bits“-coin, which is another anti-bitcoin bullion, just like the Silver Shield Bitcon. This coin is made by Provident Metals.

General specifications:
– 1 ounce AVDP .999 Fine Copper
– Diameter of 39 mm
– Minted by Osborne Mint

The front contains the following text:
– Bullion Not Bits
– Safety In Numbers

The back has the following text:
– Protect The Future
– Real Metal – Real Value

Website description:
Diversification is crucial to preparing for the future, so expand your portfolio with this Bullion and Bits 1 oz Copper round — the sixth and final installment in the Osborne Mint’s Safety in Numbers series.

Safety in Numbers encourages early preparation for unexpected crises. Each round in the six-coin series is composed of .999 fine copper and highlights essential techniques for safeguarding your future.

The obverse of this Bullion and Bits round features a scale weighing a coin and a bitcoin. In the image, the coin clearly outweighs the bitcoin — because it is more reliable, accessible and secure. BULLION + BITS and SAFETY IN NUMBERS are inscribed.

The reverse showcases the Safety in Numbers emblem, featuring a family and a fist, protected by a shield with the phrase PROTECT THE FUTURE engraved at the top. REAL METAL – REAL VALUE are additionally engraved across the bottom.

Invest in the Safety in Numbers series by purchasing a Bullion Not Bits copper round, now available through Provident Metals.

About the Safety in Numbers Series
The primary theme behind Safety in Numbers is to encourage families to prepare for future crises. It stresses the importance of investing in precious metals and creating a stockpile of goods in case of future emergency.

In a world of where infrastructure is hacked on a daily basis, having reliable backup is vital. Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin is a type of online currency. Created by an anonymous person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoins are an uncertain, unstable form of currency. Bullion remains a far more dependable investment option.” — Provident Metals

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