Bitcoin Specie – Pizza Day Commemorative

This coin was gifted to me by JVP on my birthday. It’s a special edition Bitcoin Specie, specially stamped to celebrate the day that laszlo bought two pizza’s for 10.000BTC. Pictures of the purchased pizza can be found on

General specifications:
– 1 Troy Ounce .999 Pure Silver
– Minted and stamped in 2014
– The original stamp has been destroyed
– Personally stamped by the creator
– Only x of these exist (will update once I have an answer)

The front contains the following text:
– Veritas Vos Librabit
– 2013
– 0.25 BTC
– 0.25 BTC
– Quarter Bitcoin
Note: I currently do not know what the binary on the coin says.

The back has the following text:
– Cognitare Extra Buxum
– Frigus Durum Argentum
– .999 Fine Silver
– 1 TR Ounce
Note: I currently do not know what the binary or the oriental symbols on the coin says.

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